Weekend Visitors at the Beach

Grant and Dylan are spending most of the summer in Phoenix. Grant is working and Dylan is taking a summer school class so they come to the beach for just long weekends. They’ve been here since Wednesday and its been great, so don’t get me wrong when I say…these boys are sooooo messy I’m have a hard time keeping it together.

I’m trying not to be so anal, but it drives me bonkers to look at the clutter they produce: wrappers, empty paper cups, full glass cups, shoes, socks, wet towels, food in the bedroom, food in the bathroom? Well you get my drift.
It is a pretty tight squeeze in our little piece of paradise when all five of us are here.

Ava looses her spot next to me in the king size bed and snoozes on the comfy sofa. Dylan is on the floor in the spare room. So we are pretty much crashing around here and I need to get over myself. (at least I still have the bed with Grant as my sleeping partner)

Potty training Jackson has been hard work of course as we make the trip in the elevator at least every 3 hours. Now remember Jackson is the Golden Doodle Grant got for his birthday, so I am also charged with training the owner. Ha. Grant is slightly aghast at how often we have to take the dog down for a pee.
Anyway I told Grant he had to take Jackson out, like right now. But he waited for the inning in the D-Backs game to be over and guess what? The damn dog took a p right in the middle of the room! Ahhhhhhh. Can we just say Grant will not live this down for a while. Hopefully this is the last accident. The carpet cleaner is coming in the morning. (I’ve made fast friends with that guy though knowing I will be seeing him again soon.)
We have had a great weekend, eating dinners together and hanging out. The Sunday farmer’s market is one of our favorite things to do in Santa Monica. The fruit and the flowers are amazing.

I only cooked one dinner and we’ve eaten out the rest, but it’s been a while since we’ve spent this much time together and that is all good.

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