Our Sweet Kitty is Gone


On my way home from dropping Ava at school, just a half block from our gate I did a double take.  A white cat was laying in the bushes, dead. I had a sick feeling it was our Shadow.

I raced down the driveway and made Grant go out to the busy street to see if I was right. Sadly I was.  Shadow was 9.

We live on a golf course and he was raised to have free reign of the outdoors.  He climbed trees, chased down mice and then every night would come back home to curl up on the sofa or our bed. Every morning, he was he was the first in line for breakfast, pushing aside the two dogs who outweighed him by 60 pounds.

We got Shadow when we moved into this house to help control the mice population. An 8 year old Dylan picked him out at the shelter. There were lots of big, hungry, ferocious looking cats to choose from . Dylan picked out a white fur ball barely bigger than the palm of his little hand. The mice surely laughed all the way through our front door for about a year, but Shadow grew into his role and proudly brought home mice, and birds and other little critters who weren’t fast enough to escape his lighting quick reflexes.

We told Dylan first about Shadow’s accident. He looked at me and asked in disbelief, “Shadow’s dead??” He couldn’t believe it. He called his brother in college right away to tell him and later found a recent picture of he and Shadow hanging out together in his room.

Telling Ava was dreadful. She had just told me that morning how much she loved it when Shadow climbed on top of her and gently kneaded on her chest. That cat had so much patience with her it was amazing. A 3 year old Ava would pick him up and carry him from room to room to play and cuddle with him. He never complained or got angry with her.

So I held my 9 year old as she cried her eyes out I cried with her.

He was such a great cat, full of personality. I’ve been beating myself up about his death wondering if I should have kept him inside.  All of the articles say that a cat’s life span is cut in half when allowed to be an indoor-outdoor cat.

But Shadow loved running around, taunting the dog, perching himself on the fences or taking a nap under a palm tree. I’m not sure I could have had it any other way. I sure do miss him.





  1. Tough to loose a pet. Even they though the crap all over your house and leave hair everywhere, they somehow become part of the family.

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