Oleanders Be Gone.


Once we decided we would go ahead and tear out the oleanders and replace the sick plants and the decades old chain link fence that was growing inside of them, the project moved along at lightning speed. The backhoe did its job and ripped those nasty roots completely out. So three days,  4 dumpsters and a mere three thousand dollars later, the area was ready for block.

I’ve never seen a wall go up so fast. Within a week, 4 super hard working men built the 6 foot wall that runs 145 between our back yard and the street. A week later, stucco, paint and rocks beautified the wall that I may soon marry. Materials for the wall cost almost 8 thousand dollars. ( Seriously, it cost 8 grand for bricks and cement.) Labor was another 5 thousand.

Now I need to figure out what to plant for landscaping. I’m thinking roses with succulents interspersed. Any suggestions? The wall faces east.







  1. It looks great

  2. Can’t believe the cost to build the wall?

  3. Kim Lindsey says

    Looks really good Marlene. What a project!

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