Oleander Disease Has Hit!

When we bought our house almost 10 years ago at the Phoenix Country club, one of the many charming things about the property were the oldeaners that created a huge green wall of privacy along the back and side of our house.

Sadly, despite herculean efforts to save them, the ones by the street are dying a pretty quick death. Like many other oleanders in the north central Phoenix area and Paradise Valley, the plant has contracted a bacterial disease called oleander leaf scorch. An insect called sharpshooters transmits the disease when they feed on the plant, choking the plant of water and nutrients. You can see in this photo how the once lush plant is shriveling up exposing our house to the street.

The disease is contagious as the insect jumps from plant to plant. So, in an effort to keep the oleanders between ours and our neighbor’s house from dying, we are going to tear out the sick ones, 145 feet worth of 15 foot diseased oleanders. Ugh.

The plan is to build a 6 foot block wall and plant ornamental orange trees behind it to give the western facing playground a break. Eventually the orange trees will grow as tall as the oleanders and they will look pretty from the street peeking above the wall.

Right now I’m dealing with bids on taking out the oleanders, which will require a back hoe. The first two bids are within a couple of hundred dollars of each other.

The first bid I got on the wall almost sent me to the hospital. It was way above what I had researched a block wall should cost per linear foot. My sources tell  me 25-35 dollars per linear foot. So I’m off to get a couple more bids and hopefullyget this project started late next week.

If you’ve had experience with sick oleanders or building a block wall, please share your story with us.



  1. Scott McIntosh says

    Sad day.

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