2014-One Month At a Time

The first day of 2014 is wrapping up here on the West Coast. We had a great dinner with friends last night who drove up from OC. We rang in the new year talking about what our goals and dreams for the coming year.

Each of us is at different place in our lives facing different challenges.

Erin and I are focusing on reviving dormant careers without too much domestic turmoil. Rob and Grant identified specific work they need to do to move their careers forward. We all gave voice to big creative pursuits with specific action plans to get us down the road.

The big yearly resolutions are great, but so are simple short manageable goals too. I had read that morning on one of my favorite blogs, hollywood housewife,  where the author decided to tackle one discipline each month. Laura describes them as things in life that need a little tweaking. She had a good list: a social media fast, no eating out, no negative words, to name a few.

Our little tribe embraced the idea and we came up with our individual January challenge. Rob decided to mediate each day. Erin will journal. I will abstain from alcohol. Grant is still mulling his over. We will do our best. If we miss a day, we will  not beat ourselves up. We will continue on.

Check out www.hollywoodhousewife.com for more on taking on a monthly challenge.



  1. Very nice goals, all of them possible.

  2. Happy New Year!! xoxo

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