Never Too Old to Play

I am fortunate enough to enjoy an eclectic group of friends. There are my friends I’ve known since my boys were in elementary school. We’ve known each other for 15 years. My work friends I’ve known even longer and though we don’t see each other often, when we do get together,  we pick up right where we left off.  Because I am the mother of a 4th grader, I am lucky to have new, younger friends, (damn their wrinkle free faces!), whom I adore. Then there are my tennis friends. IMG_5314 I joined a country club team about 6 years ago.  Since then, we have practiced on Tuesdays and played matches on Wednesday’s every week except for rainy days and summer months. We are on our 4th coach who we practice with religiously and has improved our game immensely. We’ve seen each other through boob jobs, bad hair, divorces, the breast cancer death of one girl’s best friend and numerous other health issues and family drama. Sadness of every shade has touched our little squad. Hilarity has also knocked us over, in a good way. There was the time one girl drank too much and needed an I.V.  Luckily we have an ER doc on our team who came to the rescue. We still talk about  the lady on an opposing team who called for a potty break after she  peed her pants.  And more recently,  the weekday outing to a bad play that wound up with too many cocktails and a late night face-time call to the oldest most responsible person smart enough to stay home.  Yes. That would be me. There is something about a sport, a team sport, (we advanced last year) that is invaluable to the quality of a person’s life, and not just kids, but moms and grandmas too. Play. We forget how. Life gets in the way.  Jobs, carpool, groceries. Somewhere along the way we stop playing. I’m not sure if we should give credit to luck or wisdom, but our team keeps playing. We scream, we swear, we high five like little kids. We talk smack about the other team and we occasionally get a little ghetto about a bad call. Damn, we have a blast.  And then, win or loose, we all go somewhere fancy for lunch and celebrate a fun morning and plot our next match. Tennis takes a lot of time; half the morning on Tuesday’s and all day Wednesday’s. Oh, and the occasional private lesson to work on that sorry ass serve. Every time I think about quitting, envisioning all of the projects I would accomplish, or the serious cardio I’d add to my week, I don’t. Tennis and these friends are a life line I don’t get anywhere else. The sport, the competition and the friendship fill up my cup in ways nothing else does. Today someone had the brilliant idea to get pedicures and eat to-go lunches after our match.  After taking a couple of courts, we are tied for first place. Now that deserves a toast! Prosecco anyone? IMG_5306 IMG_5305


  1. Meredith Francis says

    Well said, friend! Happy to call you a teammate anyday xoxo

  2. I agree with all that, never stop playing, even if you stay in no men’s land!

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