My Life Menu

1. Perform in a play
2. Sing at a karaoke bar
3. Take a cooking course
4. Have friends over for a sit down dinner
5. Write a short story
6. Write a novel
7. Hike Machu Picchu
8. Go to Portland Oregon
9. Work on a documentary
10. Camp in the Grand Canyon
11. Camp with Ava
12. Learn one new classical piece on the piano
13. Learn one new contemporary piece on the piano
14. Go on a mission trip
15. Find my service project
16. Watch 100 Ted Talks
17. Go to Israel on a pilgrimage
18. Organize photos on computer
19. Transfer all videos to discs
20. Take family to Sun Valley
21. Take college classes
22. Take 1 yoga class per month
23. Learn how to meditate
24. Go to a writing seminar
25. Do a service project with Ava
26. Go to Vancouver
27. Take a ballet class with Ava
28. Go to Mount Rushmore
29. Attend a residential bootcamp
30. Visit Kim and Blake in Huston
31. Hike Grand Canyon rim to rim
32. Go on a sailing trip
33. Go to Napa Valley with Grant
34. Take a photography class
35. Hike the canyon with Cole and Dylan
36. Master 3 amazing recipes
37. Make fresh pasta

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