I’m Going Back to Work!

After 12 years of full-time mommy duties, I headed back to work this week. The job is part-time, but I’m back on TV co-hosting a life style show called Your Life A to Z. (For you Phoenix friends, it airs on Channel 3 at 10 a.m.) I had lots of nervous demons dancing around in my head as I launched into the first couple of days. Will I look ok? Will I be able to read the tele-prompter? I mean my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be.
Holy crap. The advent of HD is a killer people. The maintenance that had to go into getting TV ready was epic. No more lulu lemon and pony tail. I texted my long time friend and stylist Erin Essert from Leiden Mitchel. She squeezed me and and did her magic. Maya made my nails look close-up worthy and Roseanne at Saks helped me pick out a lovely dress. Bibbity Bobbity Boo.
I arrived early, sat at the computer I was shown and stared at the line up. Slowly it all started coming back. The two shot, the bump, the tag. Sheesh are those my palms sweating?
When it came time to go down to the studio, my biggest worry was trying to figure out where to hide the mike and IFB under my dress without completely undressing in front of the crew. I mean let’s not scare them off for Pete’s sake! The lights came on. The music signaled the open and off we went. Since I don’t even know where the bathrooms are yet much less which doors will lock behind me in a building I am unfamiliar with, I was escorted from one set to another. I raced across a parking lot in 5-inch heels to a lovely set outside. As I forced my aching feet back across the parking lot for another interview inside I wondered if they provided foot rubs as part of the health plan.
The show was lots of fun. We chatted, we cooked, we laughed. It was great.
The reason I have this job is an interesting story. Thirteen years ago I had the blessing of an amazing intern named Suzanne. Right out of ASU she was smart, organized and fun. She helped me research stories for an new investigative unit I was put in charge of. The young girl saved my ass on a daily basis. Today she is all grown up, married with two girls. She has her own show and helped her old mentor get back in the biz. Full circle. So fun to sit next to her and her other co-host Kyle, a true sweetie.
I am rusty for sure. This show is so different from doing the news. It will take a couple of weeks to get the hang of it. But it’s exciting to have a new challenge. A new purpose. A job. It’s comforting to be back.


  1. Congratulations Marlene!! You are a beautiful woman with a refined style and taste, I know you will bring so much to the show. I look forward to see you in TV.

  2. Barbara Price says

    Know you are a great new addition to the show. So happy for you to be entering into a new exciting challenge!

  3. I know you will do great as always, so proud of you going back after so many years.
    Congratulations! which i could see the show here in Tampa. Love you

  4. louis monaco says

    Hi michelle.this is your frie hi Michelle this is your friend Louis from the Diamondbacks in the Coyotes just got the good news that you’re back on TV I guess this is where you belong anyway I’m just wishing you lots of luck on your new venture okay hopefully I’ll see you soon another coyote game with them L

  5. Michele Feeney says

    Way to go!!! Congratulations.

  6. Frosty Taylor says

    Way to go Marlene. Congrats on the new position. You are a beautiful, talented young woman. Frosty

  7. Jodi McLaughlin says

    Congratulations Marlene!
    Always love your candid recounts. You’ll be be awesome! Have fun!

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