For Sale. Going, going, gone.

One of my best friends just sold her home here in Phoenix. She’s been living in Aspen for almost 6 years. Our boys went to two different elementary schools together. They played on the swings together when they weren’t welcome on the basketball court. They scared each other silly with horror movies and played video games until they did irreparable damage to their IQ’s.

We worried about them incessantly, consulting each other and all the research we could read about raising little boys.

They were best friends. We were best friends.

Our “little boys” are graduating high school
this year and she doesn’t need a big house in
Phoenix anymore.


The house has been on the market for more than a year. She’s on her
second agent. Two weeks ago she texted me the good news: They had a cash buyer. The house would belong to someone else in 30 days. She had to pack up.
My friend invited a few close acquaintances to her home as she is selling most of her art and furniture. I watched as one friend eagerly took photos of paintings and desks to show
her husband. She claimed piece after piece with labels bearing her name.
I left, arriving early to my dentist appointment
early. Having my teeth drilled was less painful than watching the home being dismantled.
I didn’t realize until that moment that I had been rooting against my friend and her real
estate agent.  This morning it was just the two if us on her patio, sipping Starbucks like old times. She is so over the house and the stuff. Glad to have the cash in such a lousy economy, she is elated.
Me, not so much. The house holds such happy memories. It’s where we struggled to make decorations for a school harvest fair. (a complete disaster for two women who are better at shopping than DIY projects) It’s where we drank rivers of Veuve Clicquot alone and with girlfriends. And most bittersweet, it’s where our boys played and ate and swam. They’ve grown up, heading to college next fall.
Those times are gone.
The house is gone.
The memories will be forever.

Time passes. Enjoy the journey.

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