Dylan Got His Ear Pierced, Really?

Dylan went to Chicago after our European vacation to visit his girlfriend. She moved from Scottsdale after Christmas and I cannot even begin to confess the angst that relocation caused, not the least of which was a complete withdrawal by Dylan from school work for the first 60 days of the second semester. This, my friends, is the reason we are having lots of quality time with the Catholics in Santa Monica this summer.

Anyway, he comes back after the seven days of Chicago fun with more than a t-shirt. Try a friggin’ earring! Really? Why do teenagers want to poke holes in their bodies?

I am happy to report that his dad, who picked him up at the airport, and is slightly conservative on issues such as these, did not kill him . But apparently he got Dylan to agree to take it out after the weekend.

Me, I don’t love the look. Frankly, the only guys who I think look great with an earring are professional athletes, and always the African America ones. The look is not the greatest on skinny white guys.

But let’s face it, I’ve got bigger battles to fight in this war I call “raising a teenager”. ( Do I hear an Amen people?)

Dylan could hardly wait to see Cole’s reaction to the piercing. Cole did not disappoint. He was stunned in that way that brothers are when their sibling does something daring and out of character.

Of course, it couldn’t be all compliments. “Dude, you need TWO earrings. One makes you look like a British pop star.”

Great advice. Let’s drill another hole in our heads.

I shouldn’t be surprised at the advice from his older brother. Cole has a little history in the piercing department. After graduating from high school he and his buddy backpacked through Europe for a few weeks. They met us at the end of their tour in Italy. When Cole stepped off the train he had a little extra jewelry on his eyebrow.

dscn42381.jpgHe kept it in the rest of the summer but by the time he enrolled at school in Santa Barbara he took it out.
Dylan always marches to his drummer, always has. So I’m not sure how long the earring stage will last.
Except that I just read the dress code on Santa Monica Catholic’s website and it prohibits extreme hair color make up and body piercings.
Woo-Hoo! The earring has to come out.  At least from 8-3 for the next five weeks.

img_2213.jpgWill the hole close? Or will Dylan outgrow the fashion statement?


Sadly the Catholics have let me down. It seems they do not consider an earring on a boy extreme. What kind of Catholics are these in Santa Monica? I went to Catholic school and boys wearing earrings were definitely not allowed. Surely the world is spinning out of control.
Dylan is pleased with himself and why he posed for this picture.
Grant flies back in tomorrow. The earring saga I’m certain is not over.


  1. Awesome!

  2. I guess is not only one grandson with earrings, Grant surprised his dad as well with 2. I’m an old lady with old traditions, don’t like tattoos or earrings ( on boys), specially on my family, but I guess I’m from the old school!

  3. Yea, yours is only half as bad as mine. Very strange on those catholics out there. Maybe their looking to spice up those alter boys a bit.

  4. Marlene,
    I can feel your angst. Luckily for me(knock on wood) not one of my children have a piercing or tattoo…not even Jillian! They have all gone through phases where they say they are getting a piercing or tattoo. It’s just one small hole at this time and it will grow back in if he takes it out soon. He is the “artist” and it is kind of expected these days. As for the Catholic’s in Santa Monica-they have to pick their battles too!

  5. Well its easier to get rid of than a tattoo which both of our older kids have. I’m paying Carson a small salary not to have tattoo’s or body piercing until 21 WISH ME LUCK

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