A Pit Stop in Historic Orange California

  I’m on my way to the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point for the Mom 2 Summit, a conference for Mom Bloggers that I loved, loved, loved last year in Miami. I added a day to my  trip for to help Cole find a new place to live for his senior year at Chapman University in… Read more »

The Plaza and 5th Ave.

As I mentioned in my previous post I traded in 300 thousand points for 4 nights at The Plaza. When you book with Platinum American Express you get the 3rd night free. When Grant and I  travel with our kids we normally stay in apartments or rental homes. It’s so much more fun to get… Read more »

A Girly Trip to the Big Apple

Ava and I have been planning her Spring Break vacation to New York for a couple of months. My suggestion to drive to Santa Monica with the dogs got a big thumbs down from the 9 year old who wanted to see “a couple of shows on Broadway!” Well, twist my arm. Let’s go! I… Read more »

Week 3: Ooo lala. We are in Paris.

I love Paris. Is that stating the obvious? Like, you’d be a moron not to love Paris. But I don’t think so. Some people don’t like the traffic, complain about the snooty French, and the rich food. In fact, the first time we came about 5 years ago, I wasn’t smitten. But this time around… Read more »

Florence, Italy: Week Two (The David, the Opera and the laundry)

There are many things the Italians do right. Plumbing is NOT one of them. Good grief. Most public toilets are a mystery. The showers are built for raising veal. Shaving the legs is an olympic event. The best of the worst though is the laundry. It is now extremely clear to me that we did… Read more »

Florence, Italy: Week One

Hello World, we have arrived in Florence Italy. And though First Class is out of our league we made it rather unscathed after 16 hours of travel. Sadly this happy bubble quickly burst for the person whose luggage did not arrive. That would be Moi. Trying to keep a good traveler’s upper chin I did… Read more »

Hello Summer!

The countdown is officially on.  Three days and summer vacation begins.  Ava is literally busting at the seams of her plaid jumper. I remember the anticipation as a child and I admit   as a mom of two still living at home I’m looking forward to a vacation from the rat race. Tired of the… Read more »

4th of July. Its Gonna Be a Hot One

As most people head to the beach, the mountains or back east for the 4th of July weekend, Ava, Jackson, Scraps and I are loading the car up with bottles of Fiji and driving into the desert tomorrow to go home to Phoenix for the 4th. Why you ask would we leave 70 degree balmy… Read more »