Blessings and Questions

Yesterday I had an overwhelming desire to go to church. I was so grateful for so many blessings I just had to spend time with God and simply say thanks. My heart was also heavy for the parents who at that moment were in indescribable pain after the tragedy in Santa Barbara Friday night, another… Read more »

I’m Going Back to Work!

After 12 years of full-time mommy duties, I headed back to work this week. The job is part-time, but I’m back on TV co-hosting a life style show called Your Life A to Z. (For you Phoenix friends, it airs on Channel 3 at 10 a.m.) I had lots of nervous demons dancing around in… Read more »

Paying Attention to the Details

     What is not to like about a clean slate? A fresh start? If you are an optimist, the possibilities are endless. So like most people, I  have a healthy list of resolutions. Drum roll please….I’d like to read more, weigh less, play more piano, write more, weigh less, cook more, and of course, weigh… Read more »

Our Sweet Kitty is Gone

  On my way home from dropping Ava at school, just a half block from our gate I did a double take.  A white cat was laying in the bushes, dead. I had a sick feeling it was our Shadow. I raced down the driveway and made Grant go out to the busy street to… Read more »

For Sale. Going, going, gone.

One of my best friends just sold her home here in Phoenix. She’s been living in Aspen for almost 6 years. Our boys went to two different elementary schools together. They played on the swings together when they weren’t welcome on the basketball court. They scared each other silly with horror movies and played video… Read more »

Dylan Got His Ear Pierced, Really?

Dylan went to Chicago after our European vacation to visit his girlfriend. She moved from Scottsdale after Christmas and I cannot even begin to confess the angst that relocation caused, not the least of which was a complete withdrawal by Dylan from school work for the first 60 days of the second semester. This, my… Read more »

Weekend Visitors at the Beach

Grant and Dylan are spending most of the summer in Phoenix. Grant is working and Dylan is taking a summer school class so they come to the beach for just long weekends. They’ve been here since Wednesday and its been great, so don’t get me wrong when I say…these boys are sooooo messy I’m have… Read more »