Oleanders Be Gone.

Once we decided we would go ahead and tear out the oleanders and replace the sick plants and the decades old chain link fence that was growing inside of them, the project moved along at lightning speed. The backhoe did its job and ripped those nasty roots completely out. So three days,  4 dumpsters and… Read more »

Oleander Disease Has Hit!

When we bought our house almost 10 years ago at the Phoenix Country club, one of the many charming things about the property were the oldeaners that created a huge green wall of privacy along the back and side of our house. Sadly, despite herculean efforts to save them, the ones by the street are… Read more »

The Demolition Continues

We have had a quiet week after the Freddy Kruger incident last Friday. ( I appreciated all of the Halloween jokes.) The demolition job got more intense after finding several unappealing conditions in our house. For one, the roof over the butler’s pantry, the original 1920’s kitchen was insulated with sawdust. The water and termite… Read more »

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The demolition of our tired out kitchen started last Monday. As predicted, there was a crap load of shoddy work on the roof, in the electric panels and in the underground plumbing. So, after lots of consultation with the contractor (and one quick look at the wires that caught fire at some point in history… Read more »

Countdown to Construction

We’ve been back from the beach for 4 weeks now. Its hotter than, I don’t know. I can’t come up with an original metaphor.  I think hell will do. After much negotiationg, compromise and  brain damage we have come up with a plan and a budget for our new kitchen, now kitchen/office remodel. Our contractor… Read more »

My Kitchen at the Beach

The remodeling project at our home in Phoenix is at a huge stand still. The city and my architect are doing a dance at the moment regarding cellars, escape doors and electrical panels. Good grief. To be perfectly honest, as much as I am looking forward to my new beautiful kitchen, I wasn’t interested in… Read more »


Don’t you just want to cry looking at this kitchen. I am in love with that zinc counter top. And what about the weathered green island? And did I mention that I get choked up everytime I look at the zinc top? This kitchen comes from a country home in Normandy somewhere. My own remodel… Read more »

I did not know a dishwasher could actually wash dishes

I’m so so so happy with my dishwasher. I got a brand new Bosche that looks a little out of place in my tired kitchen, but who cares right? It actually works. I’ve never owned one that cleaned the dishes and erased lipstick from water glasses. I know this sounds ridiculous, but what can I… Read more »

The Dishwasher Died

It couldn’t have hung in there 4 more months? Really? The dishwasher quit working the day after we had 15 people over for spaghetti. I finished washing dishes on Monday. I was about to call the repair man when two friends separately suggested I buy my new dishwasher early. I’m so glad I have such… Read more »

Yippee!! I’m Getting a New Kitchen!

DO YOU SEE THE STOVE? We are about to embark on our final (can you ever say final??) remodeling project of our really old, almost historic (for Arizona) adobe home. We left the Granddaddy of all projects for last—the kitchen.  For the past 7 years I have been cooking in a kitchen barely big enough… Read more »