In Search Of My 6 Pack

I have a confession to make: I’ve been totally stalking the Instagram accounts of women who train or have trained for a variety of competitions. They are so incredibly disciplined it is fascinating to me and inspiring. They plan their meals, prep their food, post pictures of beautifully prepared grilled chicken and zucchini ribbons. The… Read more »

Blessings and Questions

Yesterday I had an overwhelming desire to go to church. I was so grateful for so many blessings I just had to spend time with God and simply say thanks. My heart was also heavy for the parents who at that moment were in indescribable pain after the tragedy in Santa Barbara Friday night, another… Read more »

I’m Going Back to Work!

After 12 years of full-time mommy duties, I headed back to work this week. The job is part-time, but I’m back on TV co-hosting a life style show called Your Life A to Z. (For you Phoenix friends, it airs on Channel 3 at 10 a.m.) I had lots of nervous demons dancing around in… Read more »

2014-One Month At a Time

The first day of 2014 is wrapping up here on the West Coast. We had a great dinner with friends last night who drove up from OC. We rang in the new year talking about what our goals and dreams for the coming year. Each of us is at different place in our lives facing… Read more »

A Reluctant Advocate

There are many political issues I have strong opinions about. I’m for less government spending, I’m against the death penalty. I’m in favor of a strong military. (On Syria John Mccain is right. Obama is wrong.) I’m in favor of decriminalizing marijuana. I’m in favor of securing our border AND a path to legalizing the… Read more »

A Pit Stop in Historic Orange California

  I’m on my way to the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point for the Mom 2 Summit, a conference for Mom Bloggers that I loved, loved, loved last year in Miami. I added a day to my  trip for to help Cole find a new place to live for his senior year at Chapman University in… Read more »

Oleanders Be Gone.

Once we decided we would go ahead and tear out the oleanders and replace the sick plants and the decades old chain link fence that was growing inside of them, the project moved along at lightning speed. The backhoe did its job and ripped those nasty roots completely out. So three days,  4 dumpsters and… Read more »

The Plaza and 5th Ave.

As I mentioned in my previous post I traded in 300 thousand points for 4 nights at The Plaza. When you book with Platinum American Express you get the 3rd night free. When Grant and I  travel with our kids we normally stay in apartments or rental homes. It’s so much more fun to get… Read more »

A Girly Trip to the Big Apple

Ava and I have been planning her Spring Break vacation to New York for a couple of months. My suggestion to drive to Santa Monica with the dogs got a big thumbs down from the 9 year old who wanted to see “a couple of shows on Broadway!” Well, twist my arm. Let’s go! I… Read more »

Oleander Disease Has Hit!

When we bought our house almost 10 years ago at the Phoenix Country club, one of the many charming things about the property were the oldeaners that created a huge green wall of privacy along the back and side of our house. Sadly, despite herculean efforts to save them, the ones by the street are… Read more »