Hello.  My name is Marlene Galan Woods.

I’m a wife, mom of 5, and writer.  I am a news junkie. I love fashion, decorating and cooking. I love knowing the latest in health, in politics and community.  I have many more questions than answers and I’m inspired to find the people with the answers. I”m a journalist  and a story teller at heart.

Welcome to my blog about my kitchen remodel, cooking, eating, and savoring the best of life as I try to seize each day the Lord blesses me with.
Have you ever noticed all of the joy around food? Cooking it, serving it, eating it? Well, I am beside myself excited to share with you the transformation of my humble little kitchen into a place where I will have the resources…..um, a real stove, to do what I love. Feed people!

Back in the day I had a fancy job broadcasting the news, interviewing important people and making deadlines for the 6 o clock news. These days I spend my time raising our children. We have two at home, two in college and one practicing law. We have 2 dogs and a cat and I”m looking into building an aviary to add finch and canaries to the zoo we call home. I spend my time creating a nice home for our kids and my husband. I ignore things on my to do list to spend time with my girlfriends. They feed my soul. And every day I struggle with this aging body, relentlessly exercising and lifting metal to slow the sad downhill slide. Most importantly, I look to God’s Word each day to remind myself of the Big Goal: following the teachings of Jesus. I will warn you, I have a long way to go.