A Girly Trip to the Big Apple

Ava and I have been planning her Spring Break vacation to New York for a couple of months. My suggestion to drive to Santa Monica with the dogs got a big thumbs down from the 9 year old who wanted to see “a couple of shows on Broadway!”

Well, twist my arm. Let’s go!

I emptied out our American Express points so that we could stay at the newly renovated  The Plaza across from Central Park. 300 thousand points gets you 4 nights at the swanky midtown hotel. As I pen this from our US Air flight with internet access, the flight attendant just announced we will arrive at 4:20. 40 minutes early. Yay. Our friends from school have been in Manahttan since school let out last week and we hope to see them tonight.

So far the only concrete plans we have are tickets to see Mama Mia. (Ava’s idea. She loved the movie and was dying to see it on stage.) We also snagged tickets to Matilda which just arrived in New York from London. It’s in previews this week!

We are hoping to go to the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’ve looked at ferry rides to the Statue of Liberty. Ellis Island is closed because of Hurricane Sandy.

It is New York so we’ve got a little shopping in mind as well. American Girl Store for Ava. Bergdorf Goodman for Mom.

Happy girls landing at JFK

We found our buddy from Phoenix! And hailed a cab together.

Our bags have arrived!

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